Personal nutrition is an eye-catching phrase that contains a vision of the future for those who are ingesting a diet that is tailored to their individual needs to ensure optimal health and wellbeing. However, for this future to materialize, the food and beverage business model needs to be reorganized.

Scientifically driven personalized nutrition is slowly taking place in areas like gut health, especially where our advanced understanding of the microbiome as a whole supports innovation.


Personal nutrition Bespoke nutrition must follow science, and as your understanding of your gut microbiome increases, gut health is a major journey today. Phil Mackie, managing partner of Foods & Beverages at Oakland Innovation, told FoodNavigator that it is becoming easier and easier for people to understand gut health and make connections to their nutritional needs.


He admits that the new private feeding room is still in its infancy. The relatively evolving science behind gut health means this class has the potential to serve as a bridgehead in evolving consumer expectations for the industry’s personalization and delivery capability. “This is the phase when individuals choose products based on their lifestyle goals. However, we are not yet at a stage where people’s genes can easily be used as the basis for dietary recommendations. Right now, gut health is the most interesting and accessible. It offers a way. Personal nutrients, ”suggested Macy.


Uckfield has published a new white paper on how major food and beverage manufacturers are innovating in personalization and personalized nutrition.


Mackie believes that innovation in personalized nutrition will become increasingly important and that companies that develop holistic strategies will benefit. “There are still many challenges to overcome, but current market activity shows that a lot is going on behind the scenes. This will be a major growth area for the food and beverage industry, and players who collect it first will benefit from it being a competitive advantage. ”

The problem of joint presentation of adjustments

So far, customization efforts have often focused on provisioning and / or formatting. Much more work is needed for the sector to take the next step in a truly personalized product formula Customised vitamins.


In fact, the biggest and most fundamental barrier is how the current diet works. The production model offers cheap and safe food on a large scale. How can it be applied to the future of the individual?


This problem is not a personal revolution, but leads Macy to believe that we are more likely to move towards more personalized products.


“Individual nutrition is a complex matter. It is clear that producing fully custom formulations in prepackaged categories for the mass market is not cost effective. However, there are tradeoffs that allow manufacturers to offer more precise products, such as using their products. Assembly phase “He expects this transition to be easier in the food service space, but there is also great potential for prepackaged product categories,” he said.

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