10 Reasons to Start Cycling

1. Get fit

Cycling is a great way to improve your all round fitness. Cycling is effective as you can continually push yourself and set new goals. Whether it be beating your previous time or competing against someone else. As you cycle more, the urge to go faster and harder will grow. A hill which once took you 5 minutes to get to the top of, could be reduced to 2 minutes or less.

2. Lose weight

Not only will cycling improve your fitness, but in the process you will also lose weight. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise for those wanting to lose weight. As quite an intense cardio exercise you can burn a high amount of calories, around 500 per hour. Hop on a bike and watch the pounds drop off!

3. Be happier

Exercise makes you happy. This is because exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, which is a chemical that makes you feel happy and exhilarated. If you’re feeling blue, 30 minutes of cycling will be enough to lift your mood for a short while at least.

4. Relaxation

Cycling and any form of exercise for that matter is a good way to de-stress and relax. Take a break from problems and worries, with some fresh air and exercise, things will always seem better afterwards.

5. Make friends

Cycling can be done alone or in a group. None of your friends like cycling? Don’t worry, now is the time to make more! There are cycling events all over the country, these are great places to make friends with the same interests as you. Or why not join your local cycling club, or even make one of your own!

6. Save money

Cycling is not only a hobby or a sport, it’s a form of transportation! Try leaving the car behind a few days a week and see the amount that you will save in petrol. Swap those short car journeys for a trip on your bike instead. Put the amount you would have spent on petrol in a jar and see how much you have saved over a month.

7. Raise money

If you have decided that you enjoy cycling, it’s a great thing to be able to do for charity. There are loads of charity beste fiets events about, why not give back to a cause that you really care about.

8. Get confident

Cycling can be a great confidence booster. The extra outdoor activity will certainly make you feel better about yourself.

9. Live longer

With improved fitness and health from all of the cycling, the chances are, you’ll live longer. Studies have shown that by starting exercise during your middle years, will lower the risk of death by 23% over two decades.

10. Save the planet

By cycling more and driving less, you will be contributing to a much cleaner and healthier environment. If more people cycled, less fuel would be used, air pollution will be reduced etc. Just think of all the good you can do for the plant if you cycle more.


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