For many guys, the only kind of sex tips they want are the kind that relate to their penis health and/or the way they use that penis to create an amazing night of wonderment and lust. But as important as sex tips concerning a man’s equipment may be, the fact of the matter is that many non-penis-specific tips can come in very handy. And one area where sex tips for guys are often crucially needed is simply the bedroom – not metaphorically, but literally, the room where the bed resides and where most of the anticipated sex occurs.

Men – especially in the first few years of their sexual explorations – often think of the bedroom as nothing more than a place where they sleep and have sex. As a result, they don’t always think carefully about what it looks like to an outsider, especially an outsider who is on the path to having sex with this man but who still could change their mind at the last minute.

So what are some of the things a man can do to make his bedroom more tempting and inviting?

– Tidy it up. We’re talking basic here. A bedroom doesn’t have to be spic-and-span, but it needs to be clean and tidy enough that a potential partner doesn’t worry about their health and/or cleanliness when they enter it. Underwear on the floor and dirty socks on the lampshade are not sending an appropriate message.

– Keep the sheets clean. A little dust on the bureau is one thing, but sheets that haven’t been changed in weeks are quite another. Men should simply get into the habit of changing their sheets once a week – or more often if there’s been recent “activity” on them.

– Upgrade the sheets. It also doesn’t hurt to invest in some really nice bedclothes. A high-thread count pair of sheets feels much nicer and softer than those cheap knock-offs weiblicher orgasmus. It also helps to consider what a guy’s current sheets say about him. Maybe that sci-fi pillowcase was cute in college, but it may come across as a little infantile now.

– Add pillows. A general rule of thumb is two pillows for every adult in a bed – whether they’re sleeping or not. And it’s not bad to have some spares as well. Many people require two pillows just for sleeping, but when sex is involved, pillows are often used to raise up body parts – so the more the merrier. Plus, most people don’t want to sleep on the same pillow which may have been propping up said sweaty body parts.

– Invest in a better mattress. If the springs squeak, the noise can become distracting. And if the springs can be felt through the mattress, it can interfere with a person’s comfort during sex – and that can impact the quality of the sex. If a mattress has lived past its useful life, it’s time to get a new and improved one that will make a partner much more receptive to advances. (If a new mattress is out of the budget right now, consider investing in some thick mattress pads as a temporary measure.)

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